FUSEBOX … Living Outside the Box

“Fuse Box” is the Student Life Ministry of Christ Life. A Fuse Box is a panel, which allows a user to control the power flow within a system. Like the Holy Spirit’s power flow, regulating in our lives as Christians. A fuse evokes thoughts of unity, Christ coming and residing within (worship). Being grafted into the body of Christ (belonging). The fusion of doctrine and biblical knowledge into our mind and heart (growing) and fusing of every part of our lives to point to Jesus (serving).

The Box refers to the theatre and café, where ministry begins. This reminds us to take our ministry outside of the box and live the Christ Life.

We serve youth from 7th through 12th grade and assist their parents in training them to be influential men and women of God. Student Life helps our youth to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and others, through worship, growing, and serving, while belonging to a caring group of fellow students. We seek to challenge our youth to discover their God-given abilities and God-designed purpose while living the life God has called them to lead

Join us Wednesday at 6:00 PM for Fuse Box Live, a place to worship, belong, grow, and serve. If you are interested in volunteering your time, gifts, and energy to Fuse Box Student Ministry, or for more information about Fuse Box Students or upcoming events please click the “Get Involved” button below.

Youth Class – Sunday: 9:00am