Have you ever thought about the countless things that go into making one church service at Christ Life “happen?” Have you ever witnessed a baptism and even thought about where the towel and the robe came from – and where they’re going after the baptismal? Even though people are involved, we still need help.

Do you love to take inventory and keep things in order? Have you ever wondered who takes care of things in the Kitchen, the Resource Room, or other places YOU may have noticed need attention?  Have you ever walked by the bulletin board in the Coffee Shop and thought “I wish it was organized a little better? That’s God calling … God calling YOU!

Christ Life has employed maintenance. However, there is no way one individual can adequately tend to every detail of every service. We are always in need of special help in special areas.

Our Care & Keeping volunteers are vitally important to Christ Life. If you see anything on this list that you might be interested in doing, please let us know. Call the office to volunteer.

BUILDING & GROUNDS – Operating a church is much like operating a household – only on a much larger scale. Light bulbs go out and need to be changed, chairs straightened, etc. The Facilities Team does tasks through out the week. They help with a number of little things, such as landscaping, bathroom dispensers, vacuuming, touch up paint, all the way up to projects that require trade skills, such as electrical plumbing, etc.  If you have a skill or a desire to help keep Christ Life facilities in excellent shape, a notebook is available in the Administrative Offices that lists ongoing projects and needs around Christ Life.

KITCHEN – Includes weekly special clean up (washing/drying/folding towels, etc.)

BAPTISTRY – The washing/drying/storage of robes and towels, etc.

SUPPLY CABINETS – Needs monthly inventory, stocking, and organization.

RESOUCE ROOM – Where we keep all our supplies that are used for various ministries, events, activities and educational needs. You can help by organizing and keeping it stocked.

NORTH & SOUTH LOBBIES – Keeping the area tidy and organized. Making sure furniture, pictures, and mirrors are straight & counters kept neat.

BULLETIN BOARD/CLASSIFIED – Periodically the Coffee Shop Bulletin Board can be updated and organized.

VEHICLES – Regularly need cleaning, gas, and other maintenance (*Must be age 25 and on our insurance list to do these tasks).

BIRTHDAYS/ ANNIVERSARIES – we send cards to our Christ Life family members who are celebrating. You can assist in organizing these cards by the month and addressing the cards, good handwriting would be helpful.